Celebration - A Champagne Mule

HOORAY! One week of Shedlock House and a big THANK YOU to all of you who have visited our online store, sent us messages and even purchased! We are so grateful to you all! We are celebrating YOU and our hard work and a celebration is always more fun with a delicious cocktail to toast with, so we sharing our recipe for a Champagne Mule. 

We love a hint of ginger. A Champagne  Mule is like a Russian Mule only it feels like the more sophisticated big sister. We also love a dash of champagne or bubbles to celebrate with some extra festive fizz. Obviously save the good champagne for the crystal champagne glasses and not your cocktail! And if Mocktails are more your thing, we give you some tips at the end. 

CHEERS! If you make our Champagne Mule, post  a pic and tag us @shedlockhouse  we would love to CHING CHING our glasses with you!



4T vodka (or a tot if you feeling brave)

4T fresh lime juice

8T ginger beer

Chilled champagne (or prosecco) for topping

Lime wedges and mint for serving

1. Run your lime across the top of your glass and dip it in fine sugar

2. Place all the ingredients including the lime wedge and mint into your glass and top up with champagne. 

3.CHING CHING with your besties and enjoy...no fancy equipment or shakers needed!

MOCKTAIL VERSION: Leave out the vodka and replace the champagne with alcohol free sparkling grape juice or sparkling water and ENJOY!

CHEERS - Ching Ching 


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